Community Guidelines

Here are some general guidelines for using SUJO and fostering the best experience for everyone. For more in-depth and more legal-sounding terms and conditions see our T&C’s page as well as our privacy policy.  SUJO is about quickly consuming headlines, opinion from influential people, and also feedback from users. Because we are a platform where users can submit content, we have a few rules we’d like everyone to follow. We’re not a typical social media platform. We’re a social news platform. As such, we are about discussing news, opinion, and things that affect us all. Anything seen violating these rules will be removed and an account could be suspended. We hope everyone understands why we have the guidelines but feel free to contact us at if you’d like to know more. You can also report abuses to that email as well as use the “report” feature in the app.  

The obvious stuff:
·       No violent or sexualized images that would not appear on major news outlets
·       No defaming private individuals, other users, or otherwise harassing people
·       No posting of copyright-protected materials that are not publicly available
·       No calls for violence

The less obvious stuff: 

·       No event announcements or calls for organization
        -  SUJO is not a platform for organizing and we will not accept political advertising either 
·       Any post must be a long-form public publication, video, audio, or blog content piece.
       - No posts from other social platforms
       - No memes

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