SUJO uses the term “influencer” when talking about opinionated content and color codes them in magenta on the app.  In today’s environment, it’s not just the substance of the content that is influential, it’s also the personality themselves. For better or worse, an influencer’s personality is as impactful on how people process the news and form their opinions as the substance of what the influencer says.  While not all influencer content we choose is based on the influencer being personality-driven, we define Influencers as personality-driven producers of opinionated content with a large enough audience to be impactful. SUJO also tries to focus on influencers who have a large but insular audience.  One might think that Sean Hannity or Rachel Maddow have insular audiences.  But these two examples are so prominent that their messages often cross into the mainstream and are often reported in other publications. We believe that it’s more important to consume perspectives that differ from your own.  Because of this, SUJO wants to save you time by delivering those influential nuggets you might have to search for if you don’t frequent the publications they normally appear on.

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