To The SUJO Community

SUJO is an experiment to see if people found value in a community-based news platform led by the facts, enriched by influential opinion, and challenged with thought-provoking questions. Since launching in late May, 18,000+ users have used the app. We’ve had fantastic feedback from the community and lots of validation for the unique solution SUJO provided.

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SUJO The Social News App is Launching May 21st

SUJO releases to the app stores on Monday, May 21st bringing the first true social news app experience to market.  SUJO is a curated social news app that helps users organize and navigate the new media reality. The app delivers a customizable mix of user feedback, journalism, and opinion while giving users a comfortable place to interact around headlines.

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Why SUJO Exists

More than ever, people are wanting to talk about news and are listening to influencers. One might think that this increased engagement would give us all a better understanding of reality, but most of us know that this increased engagement around news has actually driven us apart. Sources, influencers, and peers that seem trustworthy or authoritative to us, have caused us to live in fragmented realities.