The SUJO platform was created to combine the most important ways people inform themselves and form their opinions by providing a mix of fact-verified news, influencer opinion and user contributions.  The name “SUJO” comes from “Summaries of User feedback, Journalism and Opinion” which is drawn from the spirit of making these prominent factors easily-consumable.  SUJO utilizes a team of journalists and subject matter experts to source and curate content on the SUJO platform.

SUJO is a news app for the post-truth influencer-driven era. Consumers are in a crisis of trust with media and how news is delivered through social platforms. The line between opinion and journalism is blurred, and people are affected by influencers more than ever before.

Most platforms will serve content based on a user’s past behavior.  When behavioral recommendations made on other platforms are combined with content shared by the user’s own social network, a “filter bubble” or “echo chamber” is created that increases the division among audiences. To pierce these filter bubbles, SUJO journalists will curate and summarize influencer-produced, opinionated content and post them in pairs along opposing sides of an issue.  This gives users a quick way to consume viewpoints they might not normally come across.

To balance opinion and user feedback with information, SUJO journalists also curate objective journalism from multiple sources and apply a fact verification process before posting. Influencer, journalist, and user-contributed content are all clearly labeled on the app. SUJO accomplishes this through a unit called a “SNiP” or “Social News Post.”  SNiPs focus on interactions around content and not between users.  This comfortable social interaction is afforded through anonymity and thought-provoking polling questions instead of emoting, along with single-entry “statements” instead of a comment section. There are also no user groups and no direct messaging between users.

Through this innovative way of delivering facts, opinion, and user-feedback, SUJO hopes to create a more informed, conversational, and empathetic community.

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