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The way people interact with news has changed.  There is a crisis of trust in media and influencers are more powerful than ever before. To understand the news today, you need fact-verified information, you need to know what influential people are saying to their audience, and you need to know how regular people feel about the news because they are the ones that take action in real life.  SUJO is a news app that makes it easy for people to exit the echo chamber and gives them a comfortable place to interact around headlines. The app provides a customizable mix of fact-verified news, curated influencer opinion, and user-contributed content all summarized to save time. Every piece of content is delivered with thought-provoking questions for anonymous user feedback giving users a social layer to their news consumption. SUJO also focuses on discussions around disinformation and technology with our#FakeNewsFriday weekly newsletter and our fake news topic category on the app.  


SUJO provides a unique learning opportunity to work with a startup news platform built for the post-truth influencer-driven era. SUJO is looking for journalism and media studies interns who not only have an interest in how people consume news, but also how opinionated influencers and pundits affect how people process and take action on headlines. Students will learn about measuring traffic and engagement for sites and apps as well as how content is monetized. Students should also leave with a better understanding of fact checking and the influencer ecosystem that affects how people understand news.


·      Interns will curate and summarize objective journalism and opinionated influencer content for posts on the SUJO app. Intern curators should have some training or experience in journalism ethics and/or fact checking. Curators should also be knowledgeable of the influence and punditry ecosystem as well as their most popular channels such as opinionated columns, editorial pages, YouTube, Medium, and other platforms or be familiar with the influence marketing industry.  Additionally, the curator should be a skilled writer and comfortable with posting on social media channels. SUJO is looking for interns with particular interest in: politics,entertainment (music, TV/Film,) science / technology, local news, and cultural issues.

Regular Duties:

- Source and curate independent influencer content pieces from multiple channels (opinion sections in established publications, independent blogs, YouTube, etc.)

- Source and fact check objective journalism from multiple publications based on trending headlines with a focus on content about disinformation and “fake news.”

- “Influencers” are defined as personality-driven professional opinionated content producers with a minimum reach or follower / audience base of 50,000+

- Utilize SUJO’s current database of influencers to curate opinionated influencer content as well as research new influencers for curation

- Pair influencer content pieces reasonably perceived as diverging on a specific topic

- Write summaries of the curated content pieces

- Write binary questions related to the content

Content marketing, growth hacking, and analytics skills are a big plus as well but not required. Simply the desire to learn these skills will affect consideration.

- Comfort with Google Analytics
- Social media marketing and attribution
- Email marketing
- Notification strategy
- Influencer marketing  

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